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Welcome to the Sacred Sound Illumination Center, Windhorse!

Windhorse  is part of a collective growing spiritual community growing out of the foundations of Lisa Ishwari Murphy’s Fairhaven Healing Arts Mission.

Our intention is to provide healers and students access to Sacred Sound.  We are  a place to Sound.  A place to Sound your voice, a place to Sound and try new healing instruments, a place to receive Sound and it’s healing vibrations.

Windhorse is a Tibetan Bon Po sacred totem and guardian.  It represents conscious thought, conscious creation, arising from the present moment.  We aim to provide a high vibrational setting of harmonic resonance from which you can access your highest intentions and create in form the longings of your heart.

We are a Sound Pod of healers and students ready and willing to sound our voices in high vibrational synergy.

The mission of Windhorse  is to connect with others who share an interest in conscious awakening through an understanding of vibrational medicines and to provide a central hub for the sharing of ideas and the giving and receiving of healings, readings and wisdoms.  We are a Healing Hub of vibrational medicines.

We offer classes, workshops, meditations, concerts, and sound healing sessions.

We sell sacred sound instruments from fair trade sources and that are in alignment with indiginous spiritual traditions.  Many of our instruments are made by Native Americans, come from Tibetan monasteries, or are made by member of our own community.  Our store is dedicated to providing people with connections to affordable, yet consciously and spiritually created sacred sound instruments and ritual objects meant to enhance personal and classroom yoga, meditation, and connective healing practices.

We build community through our connections.

We build the future with each new step.

We hear the resonance within our collective heartbeats.

And we grow together in love.

Namaste and Welcome!