Are you ready to connect with your most vibrant, empowered self?

Are you ready to explore and investigate the magic that your own spirit holds?

Are you ready to manifest abundance in all things?

My healing work combines several modalities including massage, reflexology, cranio-sacral, trigger point, crystals, sound healing, energy medicine, Holy Fire Reiki, hot stones, herbal remedies, mediumship, psychic readings and direct channelling.  I work with the energy of the land in the Q’ero tradition of Peru, connecting with Pacha Mama and the Teqse Apus and the Apus (mountain and water energies) as well as with several higher guides connected to the seven rays of higher consciousness.  My visions and guided messages are an integral part of my healing work and are intended to connect beings in a deeper way to the Great Spirit who guides us all.

Allow yourself to be guided and supported with truth and integrity by the healing light of Rainbow Heart Wisdom Healing! 



All in-person and distance healings and readings are charged according to the following scale unless otherwise noted. A sliding scale may be offered on a case by case basis. Please inquire directly if you are in need.

15 minutes – $35.00

20 minutes – $40.00

30 minutes – $60.00

60 minutes – $120.00

90 minutes – $180.00

Oral and Written Rainbow Wisdom Package
  • 20 minute reading and transcribed messages emailed directly to you

Choose Zoom, Phone or In-Person Readings

Rainbow Spirit Art Messages
  • 20 minute reading and personalized artwork made just for you

Choose Zoom, Phone or In-Person Readings

Holy Fire Reiki (In-Person or via Zoom/Phone)

Holy Fire Reiki sessions are a unique form of energy medicine trade marked by William Rand.  The difference between Holy Fire Reiki and Reiki is noticeable.  There is a stronger connection to the Divine made with Holy Fire because it bypasses channeling through the practitioner and and being filtered by lower vibrations.  It directly accesses the being seeking healing without having to move through the practitioner who remains to hold space and to witness the energetic exchange and to share the visions and sensations experienced..  A session may last between 30 and 90 minutes.  You will lie on a massage table, fully clothed.  The table is heated with a pure jade bed which emits infra-red heat and reduces EMF.  Rachel will select crystals specific to healing and balancing your chakras and to any specific ailment you wish to heal.  The session itself includes soft healing music and light touch.  Rachel will be guided by her Holy Fire Guides to provide a specific Holy Fire experience or cord cutting/attachment removal as well if needed.  Please connect with Rachel if you are interested in training to practice or teach this deeply connected healing modality.

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Sound Healing Meditations


Rachel channels each sound healing in the moment, reacting to the energies present in the room as well as to the planetary energies of the day.  Each voyage of sound is guaranteed to be unique and to facilitate a deep, flowing, rhythmic bath of sound which permeates the cells in your body to access deeper healing.   Gongs, bowls, drums, rattles, whistles, conchs and more are combined in gentle harmony and conscious use to facilitate a more harmonious cellular vibration in the beings who attend. 

Mediumship and Psychic Readings

Rachel is an evidential and message based medium who is able to channel the energy of past loved ones and answer direct questions that you have for them.  She may take on their voice or mannerisms as she does this.  Rachel is also able to provide intuitive psychic reading with the use of cards and without, connecting to the energy of your field and those of your loved ones to provide you a glimpse of your future and of the feelings of those around you.  She will receive and share messages from your guides which will empower and lift you.  Specialty readings include tarot, oracle card, past life, and twin flame/relationship readings.  You do not need to be face to face for these readings.  Rachel is happy to provide a reading over the phone or on video.

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Transformational Bodywork and Energy Medicine Healings

These sessions are individualized per client need.  They incorporate massage, trigger point, cranio-sacral, deep tissue, reflexology, and myofascial release techniques as well as abdominal massage and stretching.  Clients benefit from the vibration of crystal therapy and a pure jade infra-red heated massage table during the sessions.  Rachel incorporates sound healing, aromatherapy,  and hot stone therapy in her sessions.  You may request to journey, to heal past lives, to cut cords or remove attachments and to set specific intention to heal physical, emotional or mental issues.  Sessions may also include connecting with power and totem animals and guides.  Call now to speak with me about what a session could look like for you!!

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This beautiful ceremonial offering was taught to Rachel by 12 Andean Masters in the newly “re-opened” Global Paqo School of Healing by world renowned healer and author Elizabeth B. Jenkins. This session allows you to ask 3 questions of Spirit. Rachel will consult her rual, the 12 nature beings of her nature family, and offer a despacho for your healing in these areas. You will take part in a beautiful ceremony connecting you to these sweet energies of the land. The offering will be burned or released to the earth or the water for your healing to take place. You will receive pictures as well as a video of the “release” to the fire or earth or water and a short email with any messages received during the burning. This offering process is very personal and can take several hours although you need be present for less than an hour. This is a beautiful and authentic nature healing practice which brings dramatic results and abundance! The fee for this service is $120.00.

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Land and Home Readings and Cleansings

New home? Changes on the property? Something not feeling right?  Or are you just interested in having a deeper connection with the spirit beings of your property and a desire to steward the land in light? I will help you connect to the Nature Beings on your property and clear any dense energies that may remain from previous owners or traumas that occurred on the land. I will connect on a deep level with the land and the layers of ancestry on the land to help heal and cleanse and make new again so that more light will enter your being and everything on your property.  This session includes a free consultation prior to the healing. 

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$200.00 minimum (includes home visit)

Teachings and Classes: 

Usui Holy Fire Reiki 3 Levels 1,2, and Master Teacher

Upgrades for Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki practitioners are available at a fraction of the regular program cost.

$111.00 Level 1 Group Class,  $150.00 if taken privately

Usui Holy Fire Reiki 3 Levels 1,2, and Master Teacher

Usui and Karuna Reiki 1,2,3 

$111.00 Level 1 CLass,  $150.00 if taken privately

$150.00 Level 2 Class, $200.00 if taken privately

$222.00 per Level 3 Master/Teacher Class, $300.00 if taken privately

Private classes in Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and the Natural Laws, the Science of Vibration, Journey work and Connection Practices by appointment

Rachel has studied the healing arts since she was young, first out of fun and interest, drying herbs and making tinctures with her grandmother, studying astrology and philosophy, and then in earnest, first majoring in Religion at Wellesley College, then earning her BS in Psychology at BSU and earning her MA in Psychology from UMD.  She has her Certificate of Graduate Studies in The Effects of Trauma and Learning from Lesley University.
Rachel attended Cape Cod Massage Academy and is a licensed massage therapist in Massachusetts.
Rachel is a Paqo Mishayok initiated in the Q’ero tradition of Peru and has practiced energy medicine for 10 years.
Rachel is a Holy Fire Reiki (TM) master.
Rachel is certified in hot stone therapy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, sound healing and energy medicine. 
Rachel is a member of ASCA, ABMP, and IAHT.

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By DB 11/11/21 I am in deep gratitude for today. Thank you for the profound healing. The Authenticity and Respect of the healing stands a head above the rest. Thank you for holding space & love for me

By WW 11/12/21 I was blown away by the amount of specific, concrete guidance I got in only 20 minutes. Rachel jumped in from the first minute to the last with details about my soul purpose, my guides, and my family. She suggested a few classes and teachers, and she tapped into several plants/herbs that my body wants. I’m excited to try out all the new suggestions!

By KC 11/12/21 I second the amazing Rachel Lyn. She’s so very kind and compassionate. I was so touched that she created a haywariquy for my land just because she’s so kind. She’s all in.

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