Rachel’s healing work combines several modalities including massage, reflexology, cranio-sacral, trigger point, crystals, sound healing, energy medicine, Holy Fire Reiki, hot stones, herbal remedies, mediumship, psychic readings and channeling.  Her vibrancy and strength is to motivate and educate people to become brighter aspects of their higher self and to shed the illusion of belief systems and projections that weigh them down.  Her visions and guided messages are an integral part of her healing work and are intended to connect beings in a deeper way to the Great Spirit who guides us all.

Please fill out this form directly to schedule an appointment or to ask about services. A brief description of services is below. Write your preferred times or questions in the Notes section. Every effort will be made to schedule a time that works for you. You can also choose to pay now by clicking the Buy Now Button next to each service or at the time of your appointment.


The Q’ero have taught me to heal by invoking and commanding the nature beings of the land and water to heal you. Your session will involve you asking 3 questions or making 3 requests for manifestation. I will make a beautiful calling of prayer for you using the sweetest of words and make a delicious offering on your behalf of the yummiest delicacies enjoyed by these nature spirits and offer it to the fire, the water or the earth.

Mediumship Readings

Connecting only to the highest possible energies of light, we will connect with your lost loved ones and receive evidence as well as messages from those you have loved and who have crossed the beautiful rainbow bridge to the eternal realm of spirit.

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Special spreads include yearly forecast, twin flame, past life among others

Transformational Bodywork

Massage therapy infused with sound, crystal therapy, hot stones, reflexology (can be scheduled alone) and cranio- sacral work

Life Path Coaching

Looking for guidance on your spiritual path? Answers to questions you have been afraid to ask? Support for big life changes? Allow me to hold space and awaken your higher heart consciousness as you make those BIG PLANS a LIVING, LOVING REALITY

Akashic Records

The Akasha is a storehouse of living energy, keeping record of all of our lives’ incarnations and the wisdoms that we have learned. I am able to communicate with the Lords of the Akasha and ask them your questions regarding love, money, obstacles, life path and more! Ask 2 questions of the Akasha in a 30 minute reading and reconnect with the wisdom that is already held deep inside your heart.

Psychic Readings using Tarot and Oracle Cards

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