The Ultimate Sound Healing Experience

The session: 30 minute plus individual sessions in our Sound Pod Healing Room.  You will be immersed in gentle, soothing vibrational healing without the presense of any outside projections or belief systems, cocooned in the luxury of a liquid vibro-acoustic sound table, warmed by the infra-red heating of full length crystal heating pads and enlightened by the energy of full spectrum light in our specially designed vogel crystal light bath.

The Theory: We are vibrational in nature.  Physicists have discovered through modern imaging that every single atom in the universe vibrates, is in a constant state of motion.  This will not surprise empaths and intuitives who “feel” a person before they see or hear that person… And why? Because every person has a vibrational signature that is created by the ease or dis-eased patterns of their health.  Physical energy, emotional energy, spiritual energy, all moving through us, within us, around us combine to create our unique signature vibration.

The Components of the Session:  The Sound Pod is a quiet treatment room where you you will enter with your vibrational facilitator.  You may remain fully clothed or you may undress when the facilitator leaves the room.  You will lay on our specialized Liquid Vibro-Acoustic Table.  The table is filled with water, which has been demonstrated to be the best facilitator to transmit sound vibrations to the cells.  Our cells are about 70% water so a connection is made between the water and our cells, allowing the cells to receive the healing at a greater vibratory rate.  Gentle pulsing vibrations are programmed and customized according to the health needs you report to us.  The table is heated with special heating pads made out of crystals programmed for healing and grounding.  These heating pads deliver infra-red heat which permeates the physical body layers deeper than a conventional heating pad.  As you lay down, you are also given headphones which emit healing sound vibrations attuned to the program specifically designed to suit your health needs.  Above your head is a programmed bed of crystal lights aligned with each chakra and emitting full spectrum light through a unique delivery system of pure clear quartz vogel crystals wrapped with crystal filled orgones.  It is a deeply relaxing, deeply rejuvenating enrgetic session that will leave you feeling refreshed, balance, and more connected to your higher self!