Spiritual Artwork Offerings

What is a rainbow without some COLOR? When I seek out a reading myself, I feel the best readers give me a visual. Either their words ignite beautiful imagery and I am able to “see” what they “see” or they draw, scribble, or paint a picture for me. For years I longed to be able to paint an actual picture for people that showcased what I saw in my mind’s eye. It took a lot for me to be able to manifest this gift and now I want to share this gift with the WORLD in all of the beautiful living color I can manage!!

This artwork is very humbly on sale. All of it is painted on genuine canvas, measuring 16 x 20 and was part of a creative vision quest I challenged myself to attend to. @Whitney Freya thank you! She is an awesome teacher.

I am excited to share this art but not as excited as I am to paint NEW STUFF!! That’s why I really encourage you to buy my Rainbow Spirit Art Messages Package

Have you ever wondered what your animal totem is? Do you wish you had a picture of your totem to focus on in prayer and meditation? Do you long to connect with and have embodied a specific direction? A specific element? A crystal energy or living energy? Do you wish to meet your guide in living color? Is there an important message that you have received and you want to save it here on the physical plane?

It is my humble and overwhelming desire to explore this with you and to help to ground your most etheric spiritual messages here on this plane to UPLIFT, INSPIRE, and MOVE you to reach new heights of awakening. These are some of the paintings I have done guided by Spirit. Choose to have a reading with me and I will paint for you the images that come to me from Spirit for you to keep and meditate on! How awesome is that? A keepsake from Spirit yours in your own hands!

Rainbow Heart Wisdom Spirit Art Messages Package
  • 20 minute reading and beautiful 16×20 inch painted canvas specially made for you and guided by spirit
Rainbow Heart Wisdom Spirit Art Deluxe
  • 40 minute reading and beautiful 16 x 20 inch painted canvas specially made for you and guided by spirit
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