Sound Healers and Educators


Lisa Ishwari Murphy, BA, LMT, ERYT 500

Co-owner Windhorse, Founder Fairhaven Healing Arts 

Lisa is the founder and director of the Fairhaven Healing Arts Center and A Sound Body of Knowledge Center for Alchemical Studies and
 Energy Medicine. She offers 25 years of service and experience as Teacher, Transformational Body Worker, Sacred Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual Mediator, Yoga Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner of Tibetan Bon, Inca and Native American traditions.
Some of the teachers and mentors Lisa has worked with include, Tom Kenyon, Zacciah Blackburn, Dr. Mitch Nur, Two Horses Running, Jose Luis Herrera, Dr. Alberto Viloldo and Swami Satchidananda.
Lisa’s knowledge and wisdom allows her to weave together aspects of many modalities to assist you in your healing journey, allowing you to reach peace, joy, vibrant health harmony, happiness and a true sense of self. Her goal is to provide you with the tools necessary for your empowerment and self healing through traditional and Holistic practices.
Lisa is a truly gifted healer and works with people from all walks of life, adults, children, couples, families, groups, animals and other healers. She possesses the innate ability to connect on an intimate level, to see who you are and where there may be an imbalance in your life. She will gently guide you embracing your shadow and transmuting it into light and aid you in attaining a balanced and joyful state of being.
Please go to to see a schedule of classes and events or call (508) 999-1012.  Email:

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Rachel Doherty, MA, LMT, RMT

co-owner, Windhorse, owner, Cape Cod Elemental Healing Arts

Rachel is a life-long student of world wide spiritual practices and is a seeker of Truth Based Wisdom. She is a shamanic healer and medium and has the ability to connect to the Akashic Records in all of her work.  Rachel cannot read without healing, cannot heal without seeing.  This is her gift.  Rachel’s ability as a seer adds a crisp clarity and truth based focus to her healings.  And you will walk away from a reading feeling as if you have healed some part of you from the inside out.
 Rachel is a licensed massage therapist and holds her Master’s degree in Clinical Behavioral Psychology from UMASS Dartmouth.  She currently holds her provisional license as a school adjustment counselor in MA.  Rachel is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition.
Rachel is a lifetime student of Lisa Murphy’s at FHA’s Center for Alchemical Studies and Energy Medicine.  There, she has been certified in Advanced Energy Medicine, Transformational Bodywork, Hot Stone Therapy, Sound Healing and Crystal Therapy.  She has also studied mediumship with Lisa Fernandes, Joseph Shiel and Sarah Milligan.  She is certified in Advanced Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy from Luna Holistics and is a member of IAHP.   
Call 617-212-2393 or email to schedule a reading, massage, or healing.  Check out facebook pages Windhorse and CapeCod Elemental Healing Arts for events and schedule.