Live, Laugh, Walk the Beach Jewelry Creations by Pattie Moniz

Pattie Moniz has been creating her ocean inspired jewelry for years.  A native Cape Codder, Pattie became fascinated at a young age with the beauty that a storm or a wave could kick up from the depths of the ocean floor.  She believes that every piece of glass or pottery holds a story.  A story that has been refined through it’s journey, shaped by the sands and tides that rub against it’s sharp edges, creating a crystalline sparkling smooth surface ready to be loved by it’s next owner.  If you are from the Cape you know that every piece of glass washed up and found is meant to be kept and treasured by the person who found it.  Pattie is herself intuitively directed to be a stweard of the glass she finds, lovingly crafting it back into a whole new creation that can be loved by the wearer

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