Questions about ordering the best sacred sound instrument or sacred object for your home or practice?  Feel free to call  and speak with Rachel directly at 617-212-2393.  Sales are by appointment only, and there is no obligation to buy.  Free consultation includes exploring the cosmologies that resonate with you.  You may also book a training in how to balance your energy centers through the practice of sacred sound and ritual, and how to purify and magnify your healing intention through sound vibration.


Schedule your healing session or reading directly with Rachel at 617-212-2393

Rachel is a Licensed Massage therapist and is certified in the following modalities: Hot Stone Therapy, Transformational Bodywork, Aromatherapy, Bach Remedies, and Crystal Therapy. She has been initiated by the 12 elders of the Q’ero nation as a Paqo Mishayok, one who heals and speaks with the energies of the land and currently attends the Q’ero re-opened Global School of Pachamama. Rachel has been a student of mediums Joseph Shiel and Lisa Fernandes. She provides her services regularly at Spiritualist Church Fairs in Wareham and Dighton. She is also a reader and healer at Uplifting Connections in Bridgewater, MA and New Awakenings in Kingston, MA. Rachel studied with Lisa Murphy of Fairhaven Healing Arts for many years, becoming the first student of Lisa’s to be ordained in her healing arts ministry. Rachel is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master. Rachel has also studied directly with Mooji Baba, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr and Don Jose Ruiz and with Elizabeth B. Jenkins. “I honor all those who have put themselves in a role as teacher, whether directly through instruction or indirectly via experience. Putting none on a pedestal, but compassionately acknowledging the role we all have to teach one another, both through our wisdoms and through our failures.”

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