The Gifts of Allowing Space to Just BE

I was older than I wished I was when I realized the beauty and miracles that happen when you create space for yourself to rest and to create and just be. I had been a self proclaimed multi-tasker, spinning my wheels on the unforgiving motor run by other people’s wants and needs. This put meContinue reading “The Gifts of Allowing Space to Just BE”

Let’s Talk Ancestors

Why is it so important to connect with and to honor our ancestors? How do we do this when well, to put it mildly, some of our ancestors have been less than spiritually aware themselves? I mean what is the point? Honoring our ancestors is another layer of our own self-discovery and empowerment. Honoring ourContinue reading “Let’s Talk Ancestors”

Going with the Flow

We were lucky enough to spend the last week or so before school starts up floating in the ocean and practicing our best “go with the flow” moves in the high tides of the Aquarius Full Moon and the hurricanes blowing past our waters. August is my favorite feeling water month. The water feels softerContinue reading “Going with the Flow”

Full Moon in Aquarius

Celebrating can be done in as many different ways as there are diverse creations on this earth. It is a personal experience, a testament to your own inner joy and creative flow. Sometimes we flow heavy, sometimes, we flow lightly. That’s ok. A celebration doesn’t have to be a giant event. It is of theContinue reading “Full Moon in Aquarius”

Steps to Self-Awakening

I am right now in the middle of a beautiful retreat with MoojiBaba, my most beloved teacher and guide. He has my undying gratitude for these retreats, held virtually, from his space in Monte Sahaja, Portugal. They keep me going during the isolation of the pandemic and the rigor of a very busy life. TheyContinue reading “Steps to Self-Awakening”

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