Cape Cod Elemental Healing Arts

Experience the sound and healing yourself!  Schedule an appointment with Rachel at Cape Cod Elemental Healing Arts.

Rachel is a life-long student of world wide spiritual practices and is a seeker of Truth Based Wisdom. She is a shamanic healer and medium and has the ability to connect to the Akashic Records in all of her work.  Rachel cannot read without healing, cannot heal without seeing.  This is her gift.  Rachel’s ability as a seer adds a crisp clarity and truth based focus to her healings.  And you will walk away from a reading feeling as if you have healed some part of you from the inside out.
 Rachel is a licensed massage therapist and holds her Master’s degree in Clinical Behavioral Psychology from UMASS Dartmouth.  She currently holds her license as a school adjustment counselor in MA.  Rachel is a Reiki Master and Teacher in the Usui tradition.
Rachel is a lifetime student of Lisa Murphy’s at FHA’s Center for Alchemical Studies and Energy Medicine.  There, she has been certified in Advanced Energy Medicine, Transformational Bodywork, Hot Stone Therapy, Sound Healing and Crystal Therapy.  She has also studied mediumship with Lisa Fernandes, Joseph Shiel and Sarah Milligan.  She is certified in Advanced Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy from Luna Holistics and is a member of IAHP. 


Reflexology of the Hands or Feet 35.00

Swedish Massage 90.00 (60 mins. and up)

Deep Tissue Massage $90.00 (60 mins. and up)

Mediumship and Psychic Readings $30.00 per 30 minute reading

Transformational Bodywork and Energy Medicine Healings 111.00 (90 mins. and up)

Land and Home Cleansings $150.00 (2 hour home visit)

Conscious Business Design and Consultation