The Journey Begins

Modern day light-warrior prayer of blessing! Loving the message of transformation, wholeness and surrender.  More to come soon!

Please come by our store on opening day, June 2!


Give me the courage to accept when one version of me is dying, so that a stronger, brighter Phoenix can be born, to celebrate my endings, with the same heart with which I open up to new beginnings.

Give me the silence in my soul to mourn my old self down to the ashes, until there’s nothing left of me but hope.  Give me the grace to learn so well the art of falling that I have no choice but to fly.

And please protect me from my ego.  Don’t let my fear decide my fate.  Let me be humbled and not shamed by the imperfect, the too much, the not enough pieces of me.

To embrace what is.  To release what was.  To create what must be.  To love and trust myself the way you love and trust me with this life. – Andrea Balt, Year of You Prayer


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