Dragonfly Medicine Speaks to Us of Maturity Among Other Things

Your heart will know when you have a significant life event that should be honored during your waking and sleeping moments. The event does not need to come with fanfare and celebration, barbeques and toasts. Significant life events are often the quietest of realizations, the most personal of inner knowings. They are the sexy lingerieContinue reading “Dragonfly Medicine Speaks to Us of Maturity Among Other Things”

Discerning and Cleansing Energy

There are many ways to cleanse your energy field of hoocha, or denser energies. But where do these denser energies come from? Some might say this hoocha is other people’s negativity, and not want to be near those people. Some might think the energy may be the spiritual remnants of the dead. Negative energies IContinue reading “Discerning and Cleansing Energy”

Communication, Connections, and Pathways

What have you offered Spirit lately? What doorways have you opened and chosen to walk through? Where has the path led you? This New Moon in Libra is calling us to throw out any pre-made plans for relationship with ourselves or with others. It is a new moon of definite action and forward movement searchingContinue reading “Communication, Connections, and Pathways”

The Gifts of Allowing Space to Just BE

I was older than I wished I was when I realized the beauty and miracles that happen when you create space for yourself to rest and to create and just be. I had been a self proclaimed multi-tasker, spinning my wheels on the unforgiving motor run by other people’s wants and needs. This put meContinue reading “The Gifts of Allowing Space to Just BE”

Let’s Talk Ancestors

Why is it so important to connect with and to honor our ancestors? How do we do this when well, to put it mildly, some of our ancestors have been less than spiritually aware themselves? I mean what is the point? Honoring our ancestors is another layer of our own self-discovery and empowerment. Honoring ourContinue reading “Let’s Talk Ancestors”

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