Discerning and Cleansing Energy

There are many ways to cleanse your energy field of hoocha, or denser energies. But where do these denser energies come from? Some might say this hoocha is other people’s negativity, and not want to be near those people. Some might think the energy may be the spiritual remnants of the dead. Negative energies I have heard them called.

What if I said energy is neither good nor bad except for our attachment to it?

In other words, what we attach to energy matters. Our perception of events, places, and people matters! Discerning whether denser energy comes from outside yourself or instead, comes from inside ourselves is really important to do. When cleansing, many of us don’t get it right because we are not considering that our reaction to something generates our own hoocha!! And we only focus on the thing outside ourselves that is making us “feel badly” or notice denser energies. When we are the creators of our own hoocha.

Hoocha, dense energy, is made by humans. It is created solely by us and our attachment to certain energies. It is often the manifestation of our unconscious biases and the silent belief systems that rule our lives when we should only be ruled by our hearts. That person on the street with the shopping basket and the disheveled appearance that creeps you out? I might feel compassion while someone else feels fear, someone else disgust… all of which is hoocha. Does that person I don’t even know really need cleansing? Have they done anything to me, about me, with me? Or do they simply exist? No. So how do I know they need cleansing? Well, maybe they look hungry, sad, disoriented, hurt. Yes, all hoocha for the experienced to cleanse and heal. But what about me? Do I need to cleanse my reaction? Absolutely.

The judgement in my reaction is going to affect my energy all day if I don’t. They were looking at me. I shudder. They are dirty. I shudder. They could be dangerous. I shudder.

Please insert any other person/situation.

We all have hidden, unconscious biases that trigger us to react in either positive or negative ways to everything. Our very existence is a series of actions and reactions. How we react is as much our action as it is a re-action.

To thoroughly cleanse the next time you sage, or perform hoocha mikhuy, or whatever your spiritual practice is, look within and reflect on what you need cleansed right now inside you.

Reflect on how your perception may be based on internal factors just as much as it based on external factors.

Take control of these reactions by offering this energy up to be cleared and see how amazing you feel!!

Published by Rainbow Heart Wisdom Healing: Sacred Sound Illumination

Wisdom can be seen and felt in the energies around us if we connect and truly listen. It is my joy to share the wisdoms and the gifts that I have received in order to empower and awaken. I am a psychic, a medium, a Holy Fire Reiki Master, a Paqo Mishayok taught directly by the Q'ero healers of Peru, a Licensed Massage therapist, Yoga teacher, and Certified Sound Healer and Transformational Bodyworker. I hold all of life in all it's diverse forms as sacred and look forward to learning and sharing on this journey.

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