Heart Calling

Heart Calling Creations.

What is Heart Calling?

You have heard the expression, “My heart calls to me” when someone speaks of a very strong love.  We say, “that doesn’t speak to my heart” if something doesn’t inspire or ignite our passion.

Have you ever heard your heart call?  Have you really listened?

Why do we say the heart calls at all?  There is no mouth, no voice to the heart… Or is there?

The heart has a voice all it’s own, a frequency, a vibration….Listen.  Take a breath.  Take a few breaths and really listen to your heart.  Breathing in, feel the expansion of your chest, your heart beating against your ribs, lifting towards the sky.  Breathe out, feel your shoulders relax, your ribs drop, connect your breath to the pulse of your heart.

What is your heart telling you?  Have you ever asked?

Take a moment…continue breathing still… and listen.

Listen to the space of time between the beats.

When we truly listen and follow the calling of our heart we are allowing our words and our actions to match the love within our hearts.  Our very being becomes a heart sound.

In the beginning of a creation there is always a dream, a longing to build or to reclaim something that is yours.  Something heartfelt deep within you is sounding to get out through your words, through your communications.  You talk about that creation as if it were real.  You might say “I want so much to leave this work” or “I wish I could….”  You might be an artist, “I need to paint”  or a musician, “if I could only play my music”, and your heart calls you to the medium to give it’s voice sound.

No heart calling is too big or too small… Remove your judgement as you listen within to the beat of your heart.

As we pull out of this retrograde season and we enter into the fiery sign of Aries, take a moment to listen to your heart and to focus it’s clearest intention so that you may give it voice in whatever small or huge way you can.  Invite the fires of Aries, the “I am” connection to burn within you in a controlled and sustained even blaze.  Pray to your angels and guides and humbly ask for support to guide your heart’s creation into manifestation.

Guided with sound, you may assist yourself in anchoring deeply to the voice speaking from within.  Spend some time cleansing and clearing with sound instruments.  Blow a conch. Clear the energies.  Sound the tingshas, Cutting etheric cords of judgement.  Sound the bowls and invite in the light.  Invite in the messages from Spirit.  And then speak your heartfelt truth.  Your voice of creation.  First to yourself, and then to the world, you will begin to manifest from a place of heart, from a place of truth.

Your heart is your voice.  Your heart becomes your manifested truth.  I see you!  And I believe!

Much love to all who follow their heart in their creations.  Namaste


Published by Rainbow Heart Wisdom Healing: Sacred Sound Illumination

Wisdom can be seen and felt in the energies around us if we connect and truly listen. It is my joy to share the wisdoms and the gifts that I have received in order to empower and awaken. I am a psychic, a medium, a Holy Fire Reiki Master, a Paqo Mishayok taught directly by the Q'ero healers of Peru, a Licensed Massage therapist, Yoga teacher, and Certified Sound Healer and Transformational Bodyworker. I hold all of life in all it's diverse forms as sacred and look forward to learning and sharing on this journey.

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